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Breitling heads East to Asia

Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling opens its first flagship store in Asia.

Breitling celebrated its first flagship opening in Asia recently in central Beijing. A plethora of VIP guests attended including Chinese actors Lei Jiayin and Han Xue, as well as the CEO of Breitling Georges Kern and Captain of the Breitling Jet Team Jacques Bothelin.

Lei Jiayin, who arrived at the event wearing the new Breitling Navitimer 8 B01 Chronograph, is a great fan of the brand.

“A wristwatch is a man’s best friend and should reflect a professional attitude, a dedication to precision, and a rich heritage, all of which I find with Breitling,” he comments.

Han Xue also attended the event wearing a Breitling Navitimer 1 Automatic 38, which complemented her chic sporty look perfectly.

The actors were among the 100 VIP guests attending the boutique tour. The lavish affair showcased the 152-square-metre boutique, along with its grand nine-metre façade and four-metre ceilings, with its look and feel reminiscent of a 1920s-industrial loft concept.

Breitling celebrated its first flagship opening in Asia

The interiors feature exclusive materials including 10,000 Japanese bricks used to construct a huge Breitling logo while another vintage logo, a stylised ‘B’, adorns a yellow mesh wall. The floor is made of waxed concrete combined with American walnut.

There is also a trendy entrance bar that not only showcases the watches to their true glory but hosts a professional pool table.

The metal structures throughout are said to represent the three elements in which the watches have distinguished themselves in water, land and air.

Guy Bove, Breitling’s Design Director, explained that the look and feel is part of creating a more casual environment within luxury merchandise.

“With our redesigned boutiques, we are respecting our long, impressive heritage, but are doing so by creating a relaxed, stylish environment. We are opening our doors to a new generation of Breitling enthusiasts.”

The boutique took around a year to complete and displays more than 200 timepieces from Breitling’s impressive collection along with exclusive limited editions.

Its conception marks a significant milestone for the brand’s development not only in China but all of Asia. Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, said: “Launching our new boutique style in this city underscores the importance of the markets in Asia and particularly in China for our brand. We’re delighted that our Chinese friends will get to know our products and our heritage in this urban Breitling environment.”

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