Big Bang Meca-10 P2P

To celebrate a decade of Bitcoin, Hublot has launched the special edition Big Bang Meca-10 P2P exclusively for the world’s richest cryptocurrency users.

A trailblazer in technological and social innovation, the limited-edition timepiece can only be bought online using Bitcoin. After a purchase is made through an ecommerce site, Hublot will engrave the unique Bitcoin transaction number on the edge of the bezel prior to shipping.

“This is the kind of dynamism and innovation that our partners in Asia delight in,” Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe says. “It is a visionary approach that fully corresponds to Hublot’s vision.

“Through its partnership with OS Limited, this first P2P watch allows us to continue to explore future avenues.”

Nods to the cryptocurrency’s 10th anniversary are present throughout the entire design, including its 10-day power reserve, the initials P2P which reflects the peer-to-peer payment system, and a Blockchain-inspired design on the blue calfskin leather strap lined with black rubber.

The masterpiece, of which only 210 will be created (a number chosen as a nod to the 21 million Bitcoins), was made possible through a collaboration with Asia’s leading digital asset brokerage OSL, which sees Hublot as the first watch company to enter the sector.

The Meca-10 P2P will cost US$25,000 based on the Bitcoin value at the time of purchase.

Big Bang MP-11

Boasting an impressive 14 days of power reserve, the striking MP-11 is a showstopper and is available in two makes; 3D Carbon and Sapphire.

This piece of the Big Bang collection’s carbon creations is crafted from polished sapphire crystal, a material that is extremely difficult to machine.

Demonstrating a true display of engineering prowess, the Sapphire is crafted from the hardest and most resistant material after diamond, making it a show stopping addition to any collection.

Inspired by a race car engine, the 3D Carbon is created from ultra-light material and is reinforced with dimensional fibre woven resin, crafting the ideal platform to portray the company’s mechanical architecture. It comes complete with seven series-coupled barrels to provide two weeks of autonomy.

The MP-11 features a 90-degree helical worm gear – a transmission system rarely used in watchmaking – and the force of the barrels is tilted on a perpendicular plane, adding another unique feature to this innovative calibre.

The black PVD-treated 3D Carbon watch can be admired with its polymer matrix composite case inspired by architects and manufactured with a high-tech material protected by the US military – a first in watchmaking.

“The ultra-complex architecture of the movement has been completely rethought to fit seamlessly into a Big Bang case, which showcases the exceptional aesthetic and performance,” Guadalupe says. “The new Big Bang MP-11 embodies this fusion of reinvented mechanical watchmaking and demanding materials.”

Big Bang Unico 42mm

Redesigned to a smaller scale, the Unico timepiece has a nimble diameter of 42mm, making it the perfect downsize for both men and women.

The flyback chronograph can be reset at any time, making it one of a kind in the industry. A double-clutch mechanism and column wheel can be seen from the dial side.

Despite being 1.3mm thinner than previous models, the Unico design houses 354 parts, up from 330, contains 43 rubies and has a 72-hour power reserve.

“Our Unico manufacture movement is the motor that defines our house, which we have developed fully ourselves,” Guadalupe says. “It means a lot to us. Seeing its further development today in terms of its dimensions and its technique shines a light for Hublot into the future.

“Its new proportions make it accessible to even more of our customers. This is an achievement that we are very proud of.”

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