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Stephen Brown makes his mark as the Sales Executive of the Year

It may have been one of the most tumultuous years in business, but BWX’s Stephen Brown stayed true to his mission to deliver stellar results. His unflinching drive earns him The CEO Magazine's 2020 Sales Executive of the Year Award.


Delivering staggering growth numbers like 52.5% in Australia and 30.9% in international markets is quite the feat, but the fact that Stephen Brown did it in little more than a year since joining BWX makes the APAC region Sales Director an industry force to be reckoned with. In 2020, it also sees him being awarded The CEO Magazine’s illustrious Sales Executive of the Year.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to be inspired by the stories and the successes of like-minded executives within the Australian business sector,” says Brown.

“The award is quite humbling to be honest. It’s a wonderful honour for me and testament to the resilience and capability of the great team I work with at BWX.”

Brown earned his stripes at pharmaceutical giants Novartis and Kimberly-Clark before making the move to BWX in 2019. He continued to hone his commercial prowess on developing and leading high-performing teams while building businesses and brands under each company’s umbrella.

His achievements at BWX to date includes a promotion to the role of Managing Director of International while also fulfilling his existing duties as the firm’s Sales Director.

Brown’s role today is diverse to say the least. He oversees strategic and operational responsibility for the Australian sales function as well as full P&L responsibility of the international business in more than 10 countries. On the brand building and commercial strategy side, Brown looks after four key brands and executes comprehensive channel strategies to optimise revenue from the core pharmacy sector. His experience has enabled him to develop the commercial capability of teams while strengthening key strategic customer relationships.

It takes a certain leadership style to be able to weather one of the most tumultuous trading years this generation has seen. Brown is steadfast in his continued push to positively impact his team through genuine compassion and support in order to reach goals beyond just the office.

His own ideology in being a great leader is simple: have the courage to accept disagreements as long as you’re holding true to your values and staying the course to deliver.

And his secret to success in business and life?

“I take a moment at the end of each day to reflect on the impact I have made on the team and the business. Having a positive impact motivates me and if I feel that I have not done that, then I am more motivated to improve. Secondly, I will often ask myself, ‘Are my daughters proud of me and am I setting the right example for them?'”

Brown even has a few words for those thinking of applying for an award in 2021.

“Do it! This event provides the motivation to reflect more deeply on the impact you have made. It’s a truly rewarding experience that you continue to learn from.”

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