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Michael Murphy article image

Michael Murphy

Digicel Asia Pacific’s CEO Michael Murphy knows that communications networks have the power to bring about radical cultural change in the developing world.

Dominique Leroy - Proximus Group article image

Dominique Leroy

Dominique Leroy shares how Proximus Group is positioning itself for a successful future by focusing on three key aspects: culture, innovation, and growth.

Chris Hancock

AARNet is providing critical infrastructure driving innovation across the country’s knowledge-based economy. Chris Hancock is guiding its operations as CEO.

Photo of Craig Scroggie - CEO of NextDC

Craig Scroggie

Craig Scroggie discusses how NEXTDC is leading the IT industry with its substantial, national network of data centres.

Photo of John Hughes - Executive Chairman of Telecity

John Hughes

Executive Chairman of TelecityGroup John Hughes explains how the company has built its business on high-level customer service.

Photo of Pieter Holst  - Area VP of Enterprise Sales of Verizon

Pieter Holst

Pieter Holst explains why Benelux is an important region for the multinational technology and communications business Verizon.

Photo of Cris Nicolli - MD of UXC Limited

Cris Nicolli

UXC Limited is the local IT company that is taking on its international competitors. MD Cris Nicolli discusses the company’s soaring ambition and success.

Photo of Scott Stavretis - CEO of Acquire BPO

Scott Stavretis

Under the direction of CEO Scott Stavretis, Acquire BPO is growing at a steady pace to fulfil an increasing demand for outsourced services.

Photo of Pere Valles - CEO of Scytl

Pere Valles

CEO of Scytl Pere Valles explains how the global leader in electronic voting is modernising elections and bringing democracy into the digital age.

Photo of Paul O’Neile

Paul O’’Neile

Paul O’Neile explains how Boost Mobile has found its niche in the telecommunications world by catering to a demographic of Gen Z and Y consumers.

Photo of Ian Douglas - CEO of Global Marine Systems Limited

Ian Douglas

Guided by CEO Ian Douglas, Global Marine Systems Limited has played an integral part in the burgeoning telecommunications industry since inception.

Photo of Ken Benson - CEO of Kordia Solutions

Ken Benson

Ken Benson shares how Kordia Solutions has gotten back on track as a leading provider of telecommunications, wireless, and broadcast services.