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Ferrari’s top executive reveals ambitious plans for 2019

Attention Ferrari fans – buckle up for some completely new models.


As the man standing between die-hard Ferrarista and rare Ferrari models, Enrico Galliera has possibly one of the most desirable jobs on the planet.

Surrounded by dozens of luxe Italian Spiders and Pistas at the newly unveiled McCarroll’s Automotive Group in Sydney, Australia, CEO of Ferrari Far and Middle East Hub Dieter Knechtel and CEO of Ferrari Australasia Herbert Appleroth entertained 10 friends of Ferrari, including The CEO Magazine, at an intimate lunch by Giovanni Pilu.

Ferrari Senior Vice President Commercial and Marketing Enrico Galliera

Galliera, the Ferrari Senior Vice President Commercial and Marketing revealed the Italian company’s heart-racing plans for 2019 during his first visit to Australia since 2013.

“In Australia there is a clear passion for motorsport,” Galliera says. “And, a real surprise, there is an important list of collectors and people who love our cars.

“When I joined Ferrari in 2010, I found clients knew much more than I knew about Ferrari.”

Galliera, who is one of Ferrari’s leading executives, claimed the company’s five-year plan was the most ambitious in the prancing horse’s history.

“Not only in terms of numbers, which is of course part of the challenge, but the biggest challenge is what we plan to do in the near future, which is reconfirm and redesign,” Galliera says. “Every single product we bring to the market will be a completely new product – each of them specifically designed.

“We are working to further enlarge our footprint.”

The Ferrari executive explained at the exclusive luncheon that some models will be replaced by new creations while other cars will be completely new to the range.

“This year will be a milestone year for us because we will produce five completely new products, not just from the roots of existing cars,” Galliera says. “We will potentially give you the choice to select your preferred Ferrari for the moment you wish.”

Substantial growth of Ferrari in Australasia will be continued through the comfort and elegance of the range, enticing a slightly different consumer.

“The growth has proven the Ferrari strategy,” Galliera says. “It never happened because we pushed. The biggest discussion we have is that our customers want more, which I’m very reluctant to do because we want to make sure the growth is stable.”

Feast of Ferrari

Two-hatted chef Giovanni Pilu doesn’t regret much, except for letting his classic Ferrari drive out of his life.

“One of the things I regret the most is that I sold my 328 GTS,” Pilu told the Italian automotive’s leading executives. “It’s gone. Maybe I’ll buy another one day.”

Marrying his love of Ferrari with mouth-watering Sardinian cuisine, the Italian chef curated a special four-course menu for the exclusive luncheon at McCarroll’s showroom which was last week crowned 2018 Ferrari Dealer of the Year at the Ferrari Excellence Awards.

Fusing the roots of Ferrari with his Italian heritage and the best produce Australia has to offer resulted in delectable dishes leaving guests wanting more.

Prosciutto di Parma, carasau bread, ricotta and bottarga (cured fish roe) and Western Australian marron beautifully presented in the crustacean’s shell was just the start of the decadent Italian feast.

Delicate servings of agnolotti filled with Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse, crispy sage and butter was a rare treat, the cheese produced from special milk using an ancient method. The unique dish danced in synchronisation with the rarity of Ferrari.

Snapper with Vernaccia and vongole, green olives and sea herbs was followed by berries in balsamic vinegar, sheep’s curd and amaretti for dessert. Simply divine.

“All my life, I have strived for excellence,” Pilu says. “One of the reasons I love working with the McCarroll’s family is because I think we have the same mentality.

“It’s not about selling what we have, it’s about giving a good experience to our customers and I think it’s the perfect marriage.”

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