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Award-winning Sydney jeweller launches a new luxury boutique

Matthew Ely’s newest store is fit for royalty.

Soft blush hues, brass accents, raw timber floors, eye-catching blooms and walls lined with stunning jewels and extravagant gold mirrors may evoke images of a Hollywood star’s opulent dressing room, but it’s the new glamourous jewellery boutique by Matthew Ely.

The award-winning Sydney-based jeweller unveiled the picture-perfect store to an intimate gathering at the iconic Queen Street destination.

Between grazing the cheese table and sipping on flutes of Pommery Champagne, friends of The CEO Magazine and Matthew Ely perused the glittery collection.

“Having an open workshop means there’s more thought put into family heirlooms,” – Matthew Ely

The artisan store took 18 months to create and was influenced by open space workshops, which allow clients to watch the talented jewellers craft their personalised pieces in store.

“I always had the dream of opening up my own little boutique and that journey began five years ago around the corner here, in Woollahra,” Ely told guests. “But the tiny boutique that was 20 square metres was quickly grown out of and now this is the next chapter.

“It’s a real credit to my jewellery and the journey I like to take my clients on. It’s a different type of luxury and completely exposes the trust and transparency I like to bring to the environment here.”

As guests coveted the captivating handmade creations, they also watched one of Matthew Ely’s seven talented jewellery makers crafting a bespoke brooch for a client.

“Having an open workshop means there’s more thought put into family heirlooms,” Ely told The CEO Magazine. “It’s a new way of luxury and is more experience based rather than something that’s just instant gratification.”

While an eye-catching butterfly brooch made of heirloom diamonds and carved tourmaline may take 100 hours to create from start to finish, pieces like Ely’s exclusive Aquamarine Neckpiece could take about 350 hours.

“I’ve loved jewels my whole life – I’m a second-generation jeweller,” he says. “My father started in jewellery in 1974 and I had some incredible opportunities in that store including getting a scholarship to London.

“It really opened up my eyes to some of the better opportunities in the world.”

And the ultra-glamourous store is only set to expand.

“When the building is completely finished, we’ll have a courtyard out the back, which will be fun in spring,” Ely says. “This is a really beautiful moment for me and it’s an absolute pleasure, and quite humbling, to open this boutique.”

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