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Rita Ora stuns at Cartier’s Precious Garage Party in Sydney

A gold Corvette hung suspended above hundreds in metallic hues indulging in Cartier’s signature Champagne below was just the start of an incredible evening.

Cartier Garage Party Rita Ora

Tucked away from the graffiti grunge of Sydney’s hip inner-western suburbs, under the iconic Anzac Bridge was a glittery Cartier party complete with Rita Ora and an incredible gold Corvette suspended above the crowd.

A sleek, 75-metre-long red carpet illuminated by powerful spotlights and lined with dapper men in rouge jumpsuits paved the way for 500 notable guests including Kate Waterhouse, Elizabeth Debicki, Georgia Fowler and Jessica Gomes to Cartier’s Precious Garage party.

A not-so-subtle gold shipping container (only Cartier could make this look so alluring) became a sensational media wall in the Shipyard, embracing the theme When the Ordinary Becomes Precious, to celebrate the edgy class of the Juste un Clou and Écrous expanded collections.

The Precious Garage was revealed halfway through the evening via the adjacent industrial steel doors – a glamorously raw nightclub featuring a bespoke central bar that served flutes of Cartier’s signature Champagne.

Global sensation Rita Ora stunned guests with a surprise performance backed up with entertainment by local artists, leaving many dancing well into the night with a glass of bubbly in hand.

The event was inspired by Milan’s exhibition of When the Ordinary Becomes Precious designed by New York-based artist Desi Santiago.

Magnifying the precious qualities of everyday objects was the heart of the party, which was reflected in the Juste un Clou collection. Italian designer Aldo Cipullo found inspiration in hardware pieces and collaboratively created the range with the French jeweller in 1970 before it was reborn in 2012.

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