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Rocking the catwalk: Italian designer breaking traditional fashion rules

Moncler is bringing together creative minds to shake up the world of vogue.


The centuries-old celebration of semi-annual catwalks and glamourous couture could be unwound when rulebreakers attempt to change traditions of fashion.

Moncler Genius are striving to shake up the historic twice-yearly rhythm of international fashion shows led by the most exclusive designers in the world including Chanel, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent by showing eight different collections at once.

The modern approach will see the collections designed by creative minds rolled out once a month with individual and dedicated 360-degree launch plans.

“I have always explored ideas of protection and functionality within my work, something that is also at the core of Moncler’s heritage,” – Craig Green

As a way to reflect the shifting world, Moncler Genius aims to break free of the industry rules born in the 1800s at Parisian couture salons’ fashion parades.

British designer Craig Green has become the third creative mind to collaborate with Moncler Genius’ project. The 33-year-old explores the notion of protection and performance through his vividly bold collection.

The engaging clothing collection is as much architectural as it is pragmatic where the shape performs to its needs.

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“I have always explored ideas of protection and functionality within my work, something that is also at the core of Moncler’s heritage,” Green says. “I thought it would be interesting for these ideas to be pushed further, interpreting Moncler’s performance-based history, and developing designs with their years of technical knowledge and expertise.”

The London-born designer was inspired by tents and kites, focusing on offsetting volumes, lines and bright colours. Green brought the objects to life through stiff hooded capes with rope strings, dramatic shapes, sturdy materials and bold hues.

Jackets, blousons, fishtail parkas, work shirts and trousers build the collection in a range of strong green, yellow, orange and cobalt blues with print designs paying homage to sport kites.

The first show to be launched (September 2018) at the Moncler Genius Building was The Next Chapter. It showcased a group of new collections marrying heritage values with futuristic visions to cover the entire year.

The Next Chapter of Moncler Genius was revealed through a series of immersive video installations illustrating the creative spirit, intentions and atmosphere of each collection where each designer chose a personal take.
Green further explored sculptural tension and sense of protection through the visual narrative, showcased at London Fashion Week earlier this month.

With a significant vision behind it, Moncler Genius is a constant stream of creative products, affirming its progressive ethos based on invention and innovation.

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