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Million Stars Hotel concept offers rooms as varied as their locations

From a mountainside gondola to a penthouse terrace on Lake Zurich, Switzerland Tourism’s new hotel concept aims to showcase the lesser-known parts of the nation.

Million Stars Hotel

Since the reopening of borders across Europe, Switzerland Tourism has launched a new accommodation concept to attract visitors to the country’s less famous regions throughout its summer. Consisting of 50 ‘hotel rooms’ dotted throughout Switzerland, Million Stars Hotel offers private and unobstructed views of starry night skies.

“Forget about counting sheep,” says Martin Nydegger, CEO of Switzerland Tourism. “During the Swiss summers, people can now enjoy counting stars from the comfort of these cosy rooms instead.”

Designed for two people, the accommodation options range from a glasshouse situated on the shores of the idyllic Lake Burgäschi to a fully furnished, transparent, spherical tent in the monastery gardens of St. Katharinental.

Then there’s the option to stay in a mountain gondola overlooking Switzerland’s mountain peaks, as well as rooms in the countryside or city.

Guests can also choose to sleep in a glass cube, converted cable car, tree tents, rooftops, boat or panoramic bubble – all while marvelling at Switzerland’s natural landscapes and cityscapes. Conveniently, 33 of the rooms are situated along the Grand Tour of Switzerland.

Designed to complement the existing product offering of getting back to nature, the aim of the Million Stars Hotel project is to encourage visitors to explore and become aware of the lesser-known areas of Switzerland.

The stays range from CHF 80 (A$122) to around CHF 800 (A$1,220), including breakfast. The price of each accommodation is determined by its owner, so extra amenities such as dinners and use of other luxury facilities vary between each location.

“It’s good to see that the more expensive options or those in special locations such as the Tiny House Gondel and Tubbo Sky have been booking well,” Martin says.

Million Stars Hotel

Million Stars Hotel bookings are available now until the end of October 2020 and will reopen again in Europe’s summer 2021.

“For now, due to COVID-19, we will primarily focus on the Swiss market and neighbouring countries that have open borders to Switzerland,” he explains. “From 2021, we hope to get back on track with our ongoing international marketing efforts.”

Agents and visitors are also advised that Switzerland has implemented its Clean and Safe protection plan, ensuring that all measures and protocols in safety and hygiene standards are adhered to across the industry.

Martin further explains that the Clean and Safe initiative is there to help rebuild trust and showcase Switzerland as a safe destination.

“This label reassures visitors and guests that all of our service offerings have consciously committed to complying with the highest standards in health, safety and protection.”

Switzerland Tourism has also recently launched its #INeedSwitzerland summer campaign to encourage travellers to connect or reconnect with Switzerland’s clean and wide-open spaces in order to recharge without restrictions after being in lockdown.

“Our key objective for the rest of the year is to restore traveller confidence in Switzerland as a top-of-mind holiday destination to stimulate tourism after the momentary standstill,” Martin tells The CEO Magazine.

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