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1936 Cartier Tank Asymétrique gets reimagined for modern times

The classic watch with a unique diamond-shaped case was radical at its time of debut, when round and square cases dominated the luxury timepiece market.

Cartier Tank Asymetrique

The Cartier Privé Collection is responsible for resurrecting the French luxury name’s earliest watch designs. Under its initiative, the world has seen the return of the Cartier Crash, Tonneau and Cintrée watches, which have all come in standard and openwork designs. Today, that touch of classicism for modern times returns in the Cartier Tank Asymétrique.

The striking timepiece debuted this month as part of the Watches & Wonders virtual launch and was no doubt one of the more noticeable models thanks to its collector’s status. At the time of its first appearance in 1936, the Tank Asymétrique was already special due to its diamond-shaped case in a market dominated with round and square cases.

The idea behind Cartier’s case design wasn’t just for aesthetics; it was intended to make reading the time easier for the wearer. Everything on the dial is shifted 30 degrees, so the arm’s diagonal position is offset and the 12 o’clock marker sits horizontal to the eye.

Other variants of the Tank Asymétrique did appear over the years but only in limited numbers and the same exclusivity has been applied to the latest iteration of the watch. The new model will come in platinum, pink gold or yellow gold case options with a 100-piece limit in each colour. This includes the more extravagant skeleton versions of the Tank Asymétrique.

On the movement front, the standard model features a manual winding 1917 MC boasting a power reserve of 38 hours. Functions are kept simple with just hours and minutes alongside two dial colour options: silver or anthracite.

Cartier Tank Asymétrique (standard)

Case: 47.15mm x 26.2 mm
Case material: Platinum, 18k pink gold or 18k yellow gold
Movement: 1917 MC
Functions: Hours, minutes
Dial: Silver or anthracite
Power reserve: 38 hours
Strap: Grey alligator or brown alligator leather 
Availability: 100 pieces each colour

Cartier Tank Asymétrique (skeleton)

Case: 47.15mm x 26.2 mm
Case material: Platinum with diamonds, standard platinum or 18K pink gold
Movement: 9623 MC Skeleton
Functions: Hours, minutes
Dial: Skeleton
Power reserve: 48 hours
Strap: Blue and black alligator leather straps or grey and brown alligator leather straps
Availability: 100 pieces each colour

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