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First ever Lexus yacht will cost you US$3.6 million

Just a small step up from your first Toyota Corolla.

Lexus Yacht

It was once a name synonymous with some of the most vanilla luxury cars on the market, but today that image is well and truly superseded with the Japanese luxury carmaker unveiling the first ever Lexus yacht for navigating the world’s oceans in absolute style.

What makes the Lexus LY 650 special is the fact that it’s not just an existing luxury yacht from a generic manufacturer with a car badge slapped on the side. This one has actually been designed and built from the ground-up in a collaborative effort with Italian yacht design studio Nuvolari Lenard.

Lexus had input on everything from the yacht’s unique shape to the interior design and exterior styling. Beyond that are innovations like a hull made from a hybrid carbon-glass fibre composite, which is designed to be stronger and lighter than regular fibreglass hulls.

On the inside are three separate cabins, each equipped with its own private bathroom. The fitout features classic materials like polished wood grain but it’s all shaped with contemporary curves and lashings of white leather to bring the Lexus yacht into a more modern aesthetic. In carmaker speak, this design approach reflects the Japanese concept of omotenashi – “Japanese hospitality that sincerely and warmheartedly anticipates and fulfils people’s needs”.

On the water this translates to a white-themed interior space for a sense of openness, while the use of curving lines and creative lighting provides a comfortable sense of envelopment. This innovation is also reflected in the yacht’s electronics, which can be synced and controlled via smartphone.

The only slight disappointment for some may lie in the engine room. There are no Toyota power units in there; propulsion is instead sorted by dual marine-spec Volvo Penta engines that can deliver 1,350hp.

Toyota and Lexus President Akio Toyoda explained at the yacht’s launch in Florida: “The LY 650 symbolises the challenge taken by Lexus, which aspires to be a true luxury lifestyle brand, to venture beyond the automobile.”

“A collaborative team between Toyota and Marquis Yachts introduced the Toyota Production System to the boat manufacturing facility to improve productivity and quality. This allowed the Lexus ‘crafted’ philosophy of anticipatory hospitality and meticulous attention to detail to become a reality in the form of a luxury yacht.”

“As a mobility company, we are pursuing new possibilities for mobility even on the sea.”

Sound like your kind of summer boat party? You’ll need around US$3.6 million to get this one started.

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