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McLaren rewrites the rules with its new GT unveiled at official launch

The newest Grand Touring is the most practical yet.

McLaren GT

Car aficionados had a sneak preview at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and now the new McLaren GT has been officially unveiled in Sydney, Australia.

Rewriting the rules was the focus for the newest McLaren in order to create the perfect supercar fit for a modern lifestyle while not forgetting its heritage.

“The original GTs of the 60s and 70s were designed to travel long distances very quickly; they were fast, they were stylish, they were comfortable, and they looked like true sports cars,” McLaren Automotive Asia Pacific Managing Director George Biggs explained at the Australia launch. “In the past 30 years, we believe the GT cars have become bigger, heavier and less agile.

“The focus has moved more towards luxury and performance, rather than driving dynamics. At McLaren, we believe there’s a better way.”

Reimaging the spirit of traditional Grand Touring, the McLaren GT showcases a newly developed exterior paint colour – MSO Defined Flux Silver – and can rocket from 0-100km/h in an eye-watering 3.2 seconds.

Featuring innovative materials and a sleek design, the latest addition to the segment can enjoy longer journeys in comfort as well as having the capacity to hold 570 litres split across its front and rear storage compartments – a first for GT. The incredible space means it can hold a golf bag or ski gear (for those who want to seek adventure without lacking style) as well as luggage without compromising on comfort.

“We focused on four key areas we believe makes a modern GT,” Biggs says. “Its super lightweight innovative materials allow us to deliver the driving dynamic and we have delivered a package as engaging as it is beautiful.

“We focused on it becoming practical – it’s the most practical McLaren we have produced so far. It must be as usable on a coastal road as it is in a city, and it must have comfort and usability.

“Finally, it’s a GT and a McLaren, so it has to have a beautiful design. This is the most beautiful design we’ve delivered.”

But it’s the GT’s dynamic prowess that truly cements it as a leader. Suspension, steering and brakes are all bespoke to the McLaren. Exceptional Grand Touring drive experience is complete with inherent balance, responsiveness, precision and new ride comfort standards.

A chic sheet covering the GT kept friends of McLaren in suspense until it was dramatically removed to reveal the supercar – a sleek two-seater. Above the newest vehicle was a collection of heritage photographs being projected onto the walls of the venue, nodding to the Grand Touring’s roots.

An exclusive number of guests got a taste for supercar life as they sat in the driver’s seat of the new Grand Touring – the most practical and stylish of the range – and enjoyed a grazing table of fresh seafood while sipping Veuve Clicquot at Sydney’s iconic Bar M.

“Our founder, Bruce McLaren, famously said that life should be measured in achievements, not years alone. And this lives on in our company today with every brand in McLaren,” Biggs says.

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