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You can experience Lexus’ first ever luxury yacht – but it’s not cheap

Sound like your kind of summer boat party? You’ll need around US$3.6 million to get this one started.

Lexus Yacht

What makes the Lexus LY 650 special is the fact that it’s not just an existing luxury yacht from a generic manufacturer with a car badge slapped on the side.

This Lexus yacht has actually been designed and built from the ground-up in a collaborative effort with Italian yacht design studio Nuvolari Lenard.

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Sleep under the stars at North Pole’s only hotel for US$105,000 a night

Have a spare US$105,000 floating around? You’ll need it if you want to spend a night in the North Pole’s only hotel. The North Pole Igloos hotel will open for service in 2020 over the month of April, and it’s set to be one of the coolest (literally) hotel rooms you could ever book.

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Elle Macpherson

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US$250,000 will buy you the most expensive airline ticket to space

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Australian designer Alannah Hill on trauma, resilience and motherhood

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