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Flare Creative Experiences and Fireplay are pushing the boundaries of live experiences

Brands can now use an industry-leading virtual platform that has been developed to connect and share live experiences.

Flare Creative

Creator of unique experiences Flare Creative, and design and production company Fireplay USA, have joined forces to provide viewers with virtual experiences for all live events.

In response to the pandemic’s devastating impact on the events sector, Fireplay has devised a platform to provide real-time connection and interaction for all those watching and participating.

The ‘virtual watch party’ and ‘virtual crowd’ provide businesses with the opportunity to take advantage of an industry-leading platform to connect and share live events.

Flare Creative Experiences will be managing all Australasia’s deployment of ‘virtual crowd’ and ‘virtual watch party’ with the support of Fireplay’s technical expertise.

“Fireplay has assembled a formidable team of visionaries and developed a unique set of technologies designed to bring groups together in a virtual presence.” – Nick Whitehouse

“This platform is going to be groundbreaking,” affirms Flare Creative Experiences Managing Director Andrew Shand.

“The team who brought this to life are the best in the world, and it’s for one purpose: to bring back events.

“Australasia is in a fortunate position and is very likely to be potentially relaxing some of the restrictions before some of the Northern Hemisphere,” Andrew explains.

“This is going to offer many audiences across the world, so many formats and multiple opportunities to be engaged in real-time, real-life, custom-created events.”

The virtual crowd offers organisations, including sporting teams and clubs, the ability to give their supporters a ‘live experience’, connecting players and their fans through a digital medium. Such a connection will be the answer to continuing sponsorships and partnerships during COVID-19.

These two experience-oriented businesses started their relationship back in 2007, when Andrew Shand, Managing Director of Flare Creative Experiences, and Nick Whitehouse, CEO of Fireplay, worked together on Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveShow tour of Australia and New Zealand.

“This platform is going to be groundbreaking.” – Andrew Shand

“It all started with music,” Nick reflects. Although much has changed since 2007, Fireplay’s drive to deliver unforgettable events remains.

Operating during COVID-19, Fireplay has devised a way to provide audiences with that same atmosphere and experience of a live event – but remotely.

Flare Creative

“Fireplay has assembled a formidable team of visionaries and developed a unique set of technologies designed to bring groups together in a virtual presence,” Nick explains.“A logical adoption of this system is the creation of virtual audiences of all live events.”

Flare Creative will be hosting a live demonstration of the platform in the coming weeks between their Sydney location and Fireplay’s Nashville-based studio. Registrations of interest are now open.

“Gone are the days of latency and flat engagement,” Andrew notes. “The platform is going to support artists and performers and speed up the ability to have meaningful interaction with fans around the world today.”

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