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Photo of Aidan Byrne - CEO of Australian Research Council

Aidan Byrne

Aidan Byrne discusses the ARC’s operations, balancing roles, and his impressive career background.

Photo of Mark Coyne - CEO of Employers Mutual

Mark Coyne

Mark Coyne discusses his career background, making a difference, and using a cohesive approach to business.

Photo of Radek Sali - CEO of Swisse Wellness

Radek Sali

Radek Sali, CEO of supplements manufacturer Swisse Wellness, discusses the company’s international expansion and vision to make the world healthier.

Photo of Alan O’Hara

Alan O’Hara

Alan O’Hara discusses his greatest achievements and his vision for Sigma Pharmaceuticals moving forward.

Photo of Gilman Wong - CEO of Sirtex Medical

Gilman Wong

CEO of the Year Gilman Wong shares the story of taking Sirtex Medical from a struggling biotechnology company to a beacon of hope for patients.

Photo of Steven Rubic - CEO & MD of I-MED Network

Steven Rubic

Steven Rubic discusses transitioning from the not-for-profit to the commercial side of the health sector. He believes that collaboration is paramount.