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These are the 10 most popular fashion brands in the world

And some of them will definitely surprise you.

In the ruthless industry that is high fashion, it can be hard to keep up with the hottest trends sweeping the prestigious fashion week runways.

From getting your hands on the latest Gucci leather bag to finding the perfect Burberry trench, there are always luxury brands doing it better than others – but what are they?

The Lyst Index compiles a quarterly ranking of the most sought-after brands and products by analysing the online shopping behaviours of more than five million monthly shoppers perusing 12,000 designers and stores.

Italian brands continued to dominate the index with Gucci, Fendi and Stone Island holding tightly to top positions.

Here are the 10 most popular fashion labels right now according to the Lyst Index.

  1. Gucci

  2. It might have seemed that every second person donned a Gucci logo at recent fashion events, and your eyes certainly weren’t mistaken.

    The luxury Italian brand received more than six million searches for a Gucci bag, belt or shoes between October and December 2018 alone.

    The incredible results are responsible for making it one of the most powerful fashion houses over a sustained two-year period.

  3. Off-White

  4. The collaboration between Nike and Off-White was near the top of everyone’s wish list at the end of last year.

    The seven-year-old American fashion label also partnered with Converse as a limited number of Chuck 70 Hi Top shoes were released.

    To some they may appear to be just humble white runners, but for sneaker fiends they were highly valuable, with Off-White x Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars reselling for an average of A$929 a pair.

  5. Balenciaga

  6. While the Spanish company may be known for its breathtaking haute couture, Michelle Obama shone a light on the brand’s mesmerising gold glitter thigh-high boots.

    Balenciaga was thrust on to the Lyst when the former first lady of the US attended the Brooklyn leg of her book tour, with Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing the striking metallic footwear.

    Now owned by Kering, the 100-year-old label ranked third among the most popular brands with its Speed sneakers becoming the seventh most popular product for the final quarter of 2018.

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  7. Moncler

  8. The Moncler Genius venture, which sees eight different creative projects showcase unique jackets, put the Italian apparel company front of mind for millions of social media users.

    Eight designers celebrated the individuality of customers when tasked with the mission to redesign Moncler’s signature down jacket – a campaign that was launched at Milan Fashion Week.

    The high-end outerwear brand jumped 12 positions and is expected to remain in the top tier as more Genius collection lines drop this year.

  9. Fendi

  10. As social media influencers share images of themselves dripping in luxury labels, it is little surprise Fendi made the list.

    Rising four places, the Italian brand’s Fendi Mania capsule collection featured its iconic double F motif and Fila/Fendi mashup logo, making it the ideal snapshot product.

    Along with the star-studded launches worldwide that ultimately flooded Instagram with envy-inducing posts, the company’s Bag Bugs windbreaker was the 4th most popular men’s product for the quarter.


    The rest of the top 10 according to the Lyst Index are:

  1. Versace

  2. Stone Island

  3. Vetements

  4. Valentino

  5. Burberry

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