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Gucci is the leading luxury brand online

According to the Gartner L2 report, the Kering-owned fashion house continues to top the list of digital innovators.

Providing a study into luxury fashion consumer preferences, the 2018 Gartner L2 reports reveal fashion marque Gucci as the leader in the world of digital and social media. But, we already knew that.

Coming in at second place is Louis Vuitton, followed by Michael Kors (who recently acquired Versace), Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Boss, Burberry, Fendi, Prada and Tommy Hilfiger.

This isn’t the first year Gucci has topped the ranks. When it comes to digital, the Italian brand was the first to invest in top-tier site functionality and build on a strong shopping experience. Integrated content, robust search and navigation, and aesthetically pleasing product pages also ensured success.

The Gucci app, unlike other fashion brand mobile apps, isn’t one to sit and collect dust. According to the Gartner L2, the brand focuses on innovative partnerships to improve its digital presence. The most recent collaboration included fashion and music icon Harry Styles. Considering the success of its app, a 2017 study found that majority of fashion brands have forfeited their apps with only 27% remaining active – Gucci wins again.

In Kering’s 2017 reported earnings, the brand revealed a 43% revenue increase in the last quarter and reported that millennials make up 55% of all Gucci sales. The brand is also shifting away from wholesale partners and focusing on its direct retail – a strategy that has proven successful for the 97-year-old brand.

Utilising its website, social media and mobile app, Gucci has increased its loyal customers, reaped the benefit of direct ecommerce sales and even increased foot traffic into the physical stores. It’s a true demonstration on how a luxury company can continue to be relevant online.

In September, Gucci launched a new Instagram account titled Gucci Beauty, a curated feed dedicated to a series of artworks across history, ethnicity, culture and geography. The IG profile that has over 83 thousand followers, reinforced the powerhouse – led by its creative director Alessandro Michele – as currently unbeatable in the digital game.

Gucci Beauty

In August, Vogue unveiled Gucci as the king of fashion both new and pre-loved. Luxury consignment retailer The Real Real also shared its data, crediting Gucci as the most sought-after brand in the second-hand market. Followed by Louis Vuitton, the findings match that of the L2 report.

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