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The judges reveal why you should apply for the Executive of the Year Awards

Applications close at midnight 26 July and, if you haven’t submitted your entry yet, the judges will convince you to apply for this year’s Awards.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you haven’t heard, the Executive of the Year Awards is back and more exciting than ever.

From building your network to gaining national recognition, the reasons to ‘Apply Now’ are plentiful. After all, achievements should be celebrated.

But don’t just take it from us. We asked this year’s panel of judges why they think business leaders – from CEOs and Managing Directors to COOs and CFOs – should apply.

Hurry though, there isn’t much time left! Applications don’t take long and are open until midnight, Friday 26 July.

Colleen Callander, CEO of Sportsgirl

I have been involved with The CEO Magazine over many years and believe it is a great platform to recognise the amazing achievements and accomplishments of individuals from a variety of industries. I have been privileged to be on both sides of the fence, as a judge in 2012, and a finalist for the CEO of the Year Award in 2014 in which I was awarded Highly Commended CEO of the Year.

On both occasions I was surrounded by incredible people who were passionate and committed but, more importantly, focused on lifting each other up.

I have enjoyed watching The CEO Magazine go from strength to strength and I am thrilled to be involved once again in 2019 and on the judging panel.

Dave Fenlon, CEO of BWX

Recognition is vitally important. It wonderfully expresses appreciation and value to those who are rewarded, and forms an important motivation for improvement for those seeking to be considered in the future.

And leadership all over is increasingly under the microscope, sometimes unfairly but often not without cause. So we need to celebrate the best of what we can be, and creating standards, expectations and aspirations along the way is crucial.

Sure, we all like the opportunity to network, to learn and to celebrate. And the Awards offers these opportunities. But we also have a community responsibility to be best in class, with our achievements also including integrity, decency and respect. The Awards provides a springboard for this to be achieved.

Georgie Harman, CEO of Beyond Blue

The Executive of the Year Awards recognises people who are at the frontline of teams working to achieve excellence and quality. I’ll be looking for individuals who are driving better outcomes that are not just about the bottom line, but also impacting people and communities, whether that’s the big, complex deals or CSR or how leaders connect with their people on a day-to-day basis.

Glen Sealey, COO of Maserati Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

The Executive of the Year Awards is about recognising high achievement within the business community. By measuring and calling out high achievement, we encourage it. What better purpose is there?

John Karagounis, CEO of The CEO Circle

The Executive of the Year Awards is the pre-eminent event recognising the most successful, inspirational leaders in our magnificent country. It is a phenomenal opportunity to celebrate the success and achievements of our brilliant business leaders.

Jose Da Silva, CEO Group Operations of Wilson Group

Having been nominated in 2014 for an award, I have firsthand experience in understanding the value of the Executive of the Year Awards. It’s a prestigious event which not only recognises individual achievements, but also the teams and organisations behind them.

It provides recognition for the hard work, effort and contribution of all involved and is an opportunity to celebrate success and achievement.

Mark Nielsen, CEO of Talent International

The Executive of the Year Awards provides a wonderful platform for finalists and winners to build their profile. And, just as importantly, the Awards provides inspiration for emerging leaders within all organisations and shows them what can be achieved.

Pip Marlow, CEO of Customer Marketplace for Suncorp
Each day, throughout 365 days a year, executives are thinking about what they can do for customers and the people they lead. They are working hard to innovate and improve the lives of the people they serve and lead every day – so I think it’s fitting that we spend at least one of those days honouring their contribution through the Executive of the Year Awards.

Ron Santiago, Managing Director of Europcar Australia and New Zealand

The Awards provides a platform for individuals and companies to be recognised for their hard work, personal and business achievements.

Recognition is important to keep individuals and teams motivated and help build positive cultures in business. A culture of wanting to be the best of the best – which is important as only by constantly trying to improve can excellence be achieved. A never-ending hunger to do better.

Ronni Kahn, CEO and Founder of OzHarvest

Acknowledging great leadership in every area of business is very powerful. Showcasing the best is inspiring.

Suzy Nicoletti, Managing Director of Twitter Australia

This is a fantastic opportunity to elevate the work of some of our best and most talented leaders. It raises the bar for what is possible, while inspiring the next generation of leaders.


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