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Photo of Brijesh Garg - VP Procurement of NLMK

Brijesh Garg

Brijesh Garg explains NLMK’s leading role in international steel supply and how the company is continually improving its operations.

Photo of Bert De Graeve - CEO & Chairman of Bekaert

Bert De Graeve

CEO and Chairman of Bekaert Bert De Graeve explains the new markets and products coming through the unification of ‘one Bekaert’.

Photo of Rasmus Wille - CEO of Statoil Refining Denmark

Rasmus Wille

Rasmus Wille speaks about being the CEO of a well-established refinery, and Statoil Refining Denmark’s goal to bring a new standard to the oil industry.

Photo of Remond van Dorland - GM of Wilmar Edible Oils

Remond van Dorland

Remond van Dorland talks about Wilmar Edible Oils’ huge growth over the past nine years and how its suppliers have played a big part in…

Photo of Bill Beament - MD of Northern Star Resources

Bill Beament

Managing Director Bill Beament on how Northern Star Resources is becoming an increasingly prominent player in the Australian market.

Photo of Seamus French

Seamus French

Seamus French outlines his international experience, the difference between Anglo American and the competition, and the core changes he has implemented.

Photo of Leo Kaloglou - GM of Mining for Komatsu

Leo Kaloglou

Leo Kaloglou talks about delivering groundbreaking innovations to its clients and Komatsu’s role in the future of Australian mining.