mining metals

  • Photo of Dmitrij ŠŠčuka - CEO & Chairman of VITKOVICE STEEL

    Dmitrij Ščuka

    Dmitrij Ščuka describes how VITKOVICE STEEL has emerged from the global financial crisis as a leading European manufacturer of rolled-steel products.

  • Photo of Jason Savage - President of Joy Global Australasia

    Jason Savage

    President of Joy Global Australasia, Jason Savage discusses the importance of diversifying to ensure continuing business success in difficult times.

  • Photo of Abdallah Massaad - CEO of RAK Ceramics

    Abdallah Massaad

    Abdallah Massaad explains how RAK Ceramics draws on high-quality materials and sterling operational principles to provide solutions in tiles and ceramics.

  • Photo of Tapas Rajderkar  - CEO of ArcelorMittal Ostrava

    Tapas Rajderkar

    Tapas Rajderkar discusses ArcelorMittal Ostrava’s production capacity of three million tonnes of steel per year–the largest in the Czech Republic.

  • Photo of Rick Howes - CEO of Dundee Precious Metals

    Rick Howes

    Rick Howes believes that supply-chain excellence and innovation are what set mining company Dundee Precious Metals apart from its competitors.

  • Photo of Brian Grimmer - MD of Present Group

    Brian Grimmer

    Brian Grimmer explains that an overriding and greater purpose —which has nothing to do with monetary benefits —drives Present Group’’s business operations.

  • Photo of Dean Mehmet - CEO of Hastings Deering

    Dean Mehmet

    CEO Dean Mehmet talks about the diversity of Hastings Deering’s services and the company’s capacity to deliver the highest-quality products.

  • Photo of Paul Flynn - CEO of Whitehaven Coal

    Paul Flynn

    Commitment to sustainable development, employee wellbeing, and working constructively with locals is the ethos behind Whitehaven Coal and CEO Paul Flynn.

  • Photo of Carlos Santa Cruz

    Carlos Santa Cruz

    Newmont Mining is responsible for Australia’s largest goldmine. The company’s Senior VP, Carlos Santa Cruz, understands the value of operating sustainably.