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Matthew Taylor article image

Matthew Taylor

Bekaert CEO Matthew Taylor has strengthened the world-leading steel wire company by creating a united vision for the global operations.


Grigoris Stergioulis

Despite being at the helm of Hellenic Petroleum at a time of great adversity, CEO Grigoris Stergioulis has put it back on track, and it’s…

William Lamb - Lucara article image

William Lamb

William Lamb shares how, despite being a small operation, Lucara Diamond Corp has discovered where it fits into the marketplace to have the largest impact.

David Hine

Enhanced Drilling has forged its own identity as an offshore technology and service provider following a demerger from AGR Group in 2013. CEO David Hine…

Joe Rainey

Halliburton is on a mission to show the world that it is a company that will always deliver, according to its Eastern Hemisphere President, Joe…

Jake Klein

One of Australia’s rapidly growing goldminers, Evolution Mining, is at the forefront of an industry on the rise. Executive Chairman Jake Klein shares its story.

Photo of Britta Huebner - CEO of elumatec

Britta Huebner

CEO of elumatec Britta Huebner discusses the company’s transition–from being on the brink of insolvency, to being geared for growth.

Photo of Sergei Odegov - CEO of Magnezit Group

Sergei Odegov

CEO Sergei Odegov discusses the daily challenges of running Magnezit Group, and the company’s growth in the 2000s.

Photo of Dmitrij ŠŠčuka - CEO & Chairman of VITKOVICE STEEL

Dmitrij Ščuka

Dmitrij Ščuka describes how VITKOVICE STEEL has emerged from the global financial crisis as a leading European manufacturer of rolled-steel products.

Photo of Jason Savage - President of Joy Global Australasia

Jason Savage

President of Joy Global Australasia, Jason Savage discusses the importance of diversifying to ensure continuing business success in difficult times.

Photo of Tapas Rajderkar  - CEO of ArcelorMittal Ostrava

Tapas Rajderkar

Tapas Rajderkar discusses ArcelorMittal Ostrava’s production capacity of three million tonnes of steel per year–the largest in the Czech Republic.

Photo of Rick Howes - CEO of Dundee Precious Metals

Rick Howes

Rick Howes believes that supply-chain excellence and innovation are what set mining company Dundee Precious Metals apart from its competitors.