Executive Interviews

  • Photo of Brijesh Garg - VP Procurement of NLMK

    Brijesh Garg

    Brijesh Garg explains NLMK’s leading role in international steel supply and how the company is continually improving its operations.

  • Photo of Remond van Dorland - GM of Wilmar Edible Oils

    Remond van Dorland

    Remond van Dorland talks about Wilmar Edible Oils’ huge growth over the past nine years and how its suppliers have played a big part in its success.

  • Photo of Bill Beament - MD of Northern Star Resources

    Bill Beament

    Managing Director Bill Beament on how Northern Star Resources is becoming an increasingly prominent player in the Australian market.

  • Photo of Seamus French

    Seamus French

    Seamus French outlines his international experience, the difference between Anglo American and the competition, and the core changes he has implemented.

  • Photo of Leo Kaloglou - GM of Mining for Komatsu

    Leo Kaloglou

    Leo Kaloglou talks about delivering groundbreaking innovations to its clients and Komatsu’s role in the future of Australian mining.